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     Biodegradable Food Service LLC was founded in Bend, Oregon, and relocated its corporate business operations to the beautiful Central Ozarks region of Missouri in November 2011. The company has demonstrated experience in the development and manufacture of eco-friendly food service products using the most current energy efficient technology.

     Biodegradable Food Service, LLC specializes in the manufacture and sale of environmentally friendly bio-based and compostable food containers, cups, bowls, tableware and cutlery for the foodservice industry. Products are made with annually renewable resources and bio-based ingredients that include a broad range of sustainable product offerings that are certified BPI compostable, Marine degradable, and USDA Bio-preferred.

     The mission of Biodegradable Food Service, LLC is to provide both a functional and environmentally-safe alternative to petroleum-based plastics in the food service sector, products that are free from genetically modified organism’s (GMO), and production technology that generates the lightest carbon footprint possible.

     The challenge of lessening the impact on local, national, and global surroundings is one that Biodegradable Food Service, LLC takes seriously. Our company strives to be responsive to environmental preservation, offer responsible and sustainable products to our customers, and constantly search for new technologies, materials, processes, and ingenuity in order to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. To this end, BDFS has developed an line of environmentally responsible products that validate our commitment to production and sale of eco-friendly food service products.


  • TaterWareTM products are the result of specially formulated bio-based resins used to create innovative and sustainable food service packaging that was developed in Central Oregon over a decade ago, well before the current bio-plastics industry became remotely established.
  • Earth-To-GoTM products provide a BPI certified compostable, and environmentally-safe, alternative to petroleum-based products for our customers who choose to minimize the impact of manufacturing, consumption, and disposal of food service products.  
  • EarthWare USA products are a line of bio-based tableware that have been painstakingly engineered to breakdown with hot and cold water, while still maintaining its structural integrity for use with hot and cold foods. EarthWare plates and bowls are produced using annually renewable plant starch, calcium carbonate, and natural fibers. These three ingredients constitute 97% of the product, and the characteristics and attributes of the EarthWare USA products.



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