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Earth-To-Go™ products include a selection of certified compostable, and environmentally-safe alternatives to petroleum-based products for our customers who choose to minimize the impact of manufacturing, consumption, and disposal of food service products.
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Earth-To-Go Offers

*Hot/Cold Cups       *Bowls

*Cutlery       *Pulp

TaterWare™ is a line of single-use food service tableware made from annually renewable potato and vegetable starches, and with a high level of bio-based content to reduce our reliance on petroleum and its presence in the waste stream.
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TaterWare Offers

*Cutlery       *Plates

*Clamshells       *Trays

EarthWare USA is a USDA Bio-Preferred tableware product that has been painstakingly engineered to breakdown with hot and cold water, while still maintaining its structural integrity for use with hot and cold foods. EarthWare USA also meets ASTM standards for compostability and marine degradability.
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EarthWare USA Offers

*Plates       *Bowls